'Bone Basics PLUS

- Body, Breath and Technique: Nick's most successful teaching techniques

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'Bone Basics PLUS

After 30 years at the Trombone and 15 years teaching, Nick has compiled the teaching techniques that have brought him the most success for his students.

A wide range of topics are covered including:

Features & Benefits:

- Bodily Relaxation techniques 

- Breathing: easy and deep for longer phrases
- Technique at the Trombone: find efficiency and ease
- Playing by ear: the joyful way to make music
- Melodies through all keys to unlock your musical subconscious
- Ensemble Playalongs with seperated audio channels: simulate a Trombone Quartet at home! 
- Sheet Music Downloads to deepen the learning effect

Only available in combination with the Bone Basics Course

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"He is very clear to explain how to achieve the notes, how to breath and how to hold your body in a safe way to ensure you have many years of joy at the instrument.

Even I got inspiration for my own teaching and playing."

Testimonial from Pablo Ruiz Henao
Bass Trombone, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

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Christopher Barrett

Playing by Ear

The first this I noticed about the Bone Basics Course is that students end up playing by ear without even thinking about it. Nick has created exercises which feel natural on the instrument and lay the groundwork for a much more intuitive approach to the instrument generally, whether you are playing by ear or reading the dots!

2 years ago
David Thornber

Fun and informative learning

I have found Nick Sholl's teaching and resources to be superb and would heartily recommend them to anyone serious about improving their trombone playing. Nick's teaching style is sympathetic, laser focused and progressive, whilst maintaining a healthy level of fun throughout lessons.

3 years ago

Nicholas Sholl


After studying with great teachers in London, Canada and The Netherlands (Ben van Dijk) Nick has built a colourful career as Trombone Instructor in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

He specialises in giving his students a solid foundation at the instrument utilising his "Song & Wind" methodology. This connects your inner voice with the instrument providing a direct and satisfying approach to making music.

Nach einem vielfältigen Studium mit den besten Lehrern in London, Kanada und Holland (mit Ben van Dijk) unterrichtet Nick seit 10 Jahren in Mönchengladbach Posaune. 

Er ist Spezialist darin, Anfängern einen gründlichen Start mit soliden Grundlagen zu vermitteln. Seine erfolgreiche "Song & Wind" Methode bietet einen einfachen Weg von der 'inneren Stimme' zur Posaune zu kommen.