'Bone Basics - intuitive foundations at the Trombone

- unlock your musical intuition at the trombone.

"I must say, this is really a great course!"
Ole Herman Larsson (hobby Trombonist)

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"I could see great value in the course for more seasoned players as the concepts that Nick presents are an invaluable reminder of the fundamentals we all have to take care of."

David Thornber (U.K.)

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  • 6 week Interactive Media Program (Video-Audio-PDF)
  • Over 10 Essential 'Playalong' Lessons
  • 'BONE BASICS - The Guide' - 20 Page illustrated E-BOOK
  • PDF DOWNLOADS to accompany every Video 
  • ECHO GAME Exercises to sharpen your ear-playing skills 
  • Personal SUPPORT FROM NICK in the Discussion Forum
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Intuitive-based foundations at the Trombone

You want to learn Trombone from a fresh perspective - a more intuitive approach?

You prefer to learn from home at your own pace?

You're hitting roadblocks and your technique needs resetting from the foundations up?

If this matches your desires then this course is for you.

'Bone Basics has been designed to teach the foundations of intuitive trombone playing in simple, logical steps. 

Expert instructor and Bass Trombonist Nick Sholl has condensed over 10 years of successful teaching experience into the most essential learning content that has given hundreds of trombonists a healthy, joyful start at the trombone. 

His tried and tested "Song & Wind" Method opens up vast possibilities for any trombonist open to the challenge: where most methods begin with the 'notes first', 'Bone Basics' instructs from an intuitive, 'ears first' concept. 

This highly personal approach connects your 'inner voice' with the Trombone: it is in this creative area that great enjoyment and musical development occurs. It sends you on a musical path where you can learn to follow your musical desires most effectively. 

In a nutshell: "if you can sing it, you can play it!" - sound good?

By following and playing along with the carefully constructed 6-week 'Trombone Transformation' Video Series and written instructions you can begin this highly satisfying musical journey and never want to turn back.

What you’ll learn:

- Play what you hear (not what you see) so you can connect to your 'inner musician'

- Learn how to connect your subconscious song database with the Trombone via 'Trigger Tunes'

- Learn how to play melodies by ear and with recordings for full musical freedom
- Breathe deeply and quietly for maximum efficiency and longer phrases

- Find an ideal posture for years of injury-free playing

- Focus on relaxation - a 'less is more' approach

LIFETIME ACCESS to the 'BONE BASICS PLUS' Bonus Package (valued at $97)

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"He is very clear to explain how to achieve the notes, how to breath and how to hold your body in a safe way to ensure you have many years of joy at the instrument.

Even I got inspiration for my own teaching and playing."

Pablo Ruiz Henao
Bass Trombone - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

"I can absolutely recommend 'Bone Basics. Nick is very clear in what he explains and he takes the right steps to bring you to be the best trombone player you can be. This is perfect for beginners. Have fun!"

-Simon Petermann
Prof. for Jazz Trombone, Swiss Jazz School Bern.

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"You learn the position of each sound, and you're able to develop a feeling for the sounds individually."

- Patrick
Hobby Trombone Player



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Christopher Barrett

Playing by Ear!

The first this I noticed about the Bone Basics Course is that students end up playing by ear without even thinking about it. Nick has created exercises which feel natural on the instrument and lay the groundwork for a much more intuitive approach to the instrument generally, whether you are playing by ear or reading the dots!

2 years ago
Moses William


Wow, I had always wished for a day like this, thanks To Nick... Can't wait for the morning to begin my lesson... Really great.. I love this

2 years ago
James Kessler Kessler

Comprehensive beginner course

This is a well-paced course for beginning trombone students. Everything one needs to get started is included. It's quite comprehensive.

2 years ago
Henrique Gil

The best short trombone's course

Now you can stop searching another course. This is the best beginner course of the web

2 years ago
Pablo Ruiz Henao

Great explanations and clear instructions!!

Nick has done a great job on this course, he has gone to great lengths in order to show very clearly and explain how to use the instrument, as a tool for making music. I am very impressed by the way he managed to get you playing very much from day one, by including "real life" examples of how and when the first tones are used, like on the Happy birthday song, or Frére Jacques song. So, you are off to a flying start and actually playing trombone from the very beginning. As a professional player, and low brass tutor, I found Nick's course a very inspirational and very educational resource, very surely if you play your first notes along with this course, you will have a great beginning! I highly recommend this course.

2 years ago
Sonya Ramsey

S. Ramsey - Hobbyist Musician

Nick is an amazing teacher and truly cares about helping his students succeed. I highly suggest you enroll in his course. You won't regret it!

3 years ago
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Nicholas Sholl


After studying with great teachers in London, Canada and The Netherlands (Ben van Dijk) Nick has built a colourful career as Trombone Instructor in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

He specialises in giving his students a solid foundation at the instrument utilising his "Song & Wind" methodology. This connects your inner voice with the instrument providing a direct and satisfying approach to making music.

Nach einem vielfältigen Studium mit den besten Lehrern in London, Kanada und Holland (mit Ben van Dijk) unterrichtet Nick seit 10 Jahren in Mönchengladbach Posaune. 

Er ist Spezialist darin, Anfängern einen gründlichen Start mit soliden Grundlagen zu vermitteln. Seine erfolgreiche "Song & Wind" Methode bietet einen einfachen Weg von der 'inneren Stimme' zur Posaune zu kommen.